AMTOM Limited has a brand new product unique and specifically designed for the cleaning of IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers).The product has patent pending.

The product - AMTO-Wash - provides automated cleaning with steam ensuring maximum effective removal of any type of debris both inside and out.

AMTO-Wash provides:

  • cleaning to near virgin condition of the IBC's allowing them to be recycled, re-used in a safe environment.

  • latest advances in technology utilising energy efficient systems for cleaning and operating.

  • HMI touch screen for modification to operating parameters, latest design robot cleaning head with choices of air or electric operators.

  • Fully intergrated steam cleaning for inside and out 150bar pressure @ 90'C - up to 50 litres/minute from 2 or 4 nozzel robot cleaning head.

  • Gas or Diesel powered energy efficient burners with electric or compressed air actuation to robot cleaning head.

  • Stainless steel construction with easy clean interior fully compliant for BRC approval.

  • For use in Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pet Food industries. Allows the IBC's to be cleaned to the highest standards and

  • Allows for IBC's to be stored for up to 10 days without contamination/bacteria growth.