Service, Maintenance & Spares.

AMTOM Limited provides full design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of all the above products giving the customer full control to manage their business without worrying about managing a key implementation project.

Including Thermal Systems - Burners, burner controls panels, gas train design, review and verification of all burner systems from gas feed to local burner gas boosters etc.

All projects have dedicated experienced Engineers at each and every stage with all projects being completed utilising the latest technical techniques and software.

Designs are completed in 3D and 2D to allow full generation of would be solution.

Each Project has a dedicated Project Manager who operates to a programme of work in the form of a Gantt chart. This is managed using Microsoft Project.

All Electrical and Instrumentation is designed and manufactured, again using the latest techniques and allowing the users to control the programme/ladder logic through a touch screen when specified.

AMTOM Limited - Maintenance

Let us manage your routine maintenance for you. We currently manage several clients routine maintenance programmes for Ovens, Kilns, Thermal Oxidisers.

Our Fully qualified Engineers have the ability to maintain the upkeep and suggest process improvements for our clients.

Cover can be offered in 24/36/48 hours as required.